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Claims List

Here's the all important claims post. Any type of claim will be acceptable, but I'm trying my best to keep things a little organized in categories. From time to time I might modify the categories listed below. If you're unsure of what category your claim will fall under don't worry, I'll fill it in for you.

You can have four claims at any one time.

To make a claim please respond to this post with the following:

Username you'll be posting from:
Name of Claim:

All comments are screened.

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: -If you wish to complete icons of a character portrayed by an actor/actress, please claim under the TV or Movie category. IE you can claim SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR here but you would make icons of her,
not Buffy.

Audrina Patridge - cattyhunts 11.6.10

Chris Evans - mu_333 - 10.15.10

Kristen Bell - cherrycolafull 08.30.10

Megan Fox - glamnation 10.15.10

ANIMATION: - All animation will go under this category.

Ray & Charles - slipp_up 10.31.10


Purple - sweetrapture82 08.10.10

COMEDIANS - Anyone from Lewis Black to Ron White

COMICS/MANGA - Anything from DC, to Marvel, to indy comic books as well. Titles, pairings (slash and het), and rivalries allowed even. Also, Comic Strips are allowed here too.

Byakuya Kuchiki - sweetrapture82 09.10.10

EVENTS - Award shows, premieres, etc.

MISCELLANEOUS: - Anything that doesn't fit in anywhere else can go here.

Kimonos - sweetrapture82 09.10.10

Kittens - cattyhunts - 10.31.10

MAC Make up - cattyhunts - 11.2.10

MODELS/SOCIALITES: -ie Paris Hilton.

MOVIES: - you can claim a general movie, or a movie character/pairing.

An American Haunting akkas_journal - 10.15.10

Sabertooth - mu_333 - 10.15.10

MUSIC: - claim a band, singer, album or music videos

Britney Spears - cattyhunts 11.28.10

PLACES: - Cities, States, Countries, etc.

POLITICS: - Dems, Republicans, Independants. Also, policitiacal commentators and reporters allowed as well.

SPORTS STARS: -Anyone involved in sports, ie Andy Roddick.

TELEVISION: - you can claim a general TV show, a season of a TV show, or a TV character/pairing. TV personalities such as presenters or reality show contestants would go under this category too.

Audrina Patridge - cattyhunts 11.6.10

Buffy (Season 1) - slipp_up - 10.31.10

Glee - odd_one_around - 10.31.10

Legend of the Seeker - hallonpaj - 08.30.10

Merlin - darkmagic_luvr 9.04.10

Neal Caffrey - barryallen - 10.31.10

Skins (gen2) - raiden_x - 08.30.10

The Girls Next Door - glamnation 08.30.10

Vaampire Diaries - far_awaylee 11.28.10

WRESTLING - Any wrestler,diva, from any company, anyPPV events, and special events such as the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, and you claim fueds/matches.

Alicia Fox - glamnation 10.15.10

VIDEO GAMES: - claim a character, pairing, a group of characters.

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